Kripperz/Betelgeuse notes

2014-07-23 03:14:38 by Rt8vr8ttr

So, today I upload on newgrounds early prototype of Betelgeuse, that we temporary called Kripperz. At this moment many planned things is not realised, but we still develop this game, so you will see that features in next versions of game:

  • quests system (story and random quests)
  • inventory
  • RPG elements
  • perks/skills shop
  • global map
  • new bosses, enemies, weapons, items

Betelgeuse Boss

The main idea of this game is redefining genre of space roguelike (Starflight, Prospector, Approaching Infinity) in direction of furious, arcade top-down shooter.
Player will be travel on his spaceship and will visit planets and stations with random generated content. Big war had just ended and player is an mercenary of "Corporation" (temporary name), his main mission - find genetic human. Human as biological species disappeared as a result of war, now in galaxy live only artificial people, robots and some aliens; player is free to choose any job (as secondary quests) and go anywhere in galaxy for his searching of genetic human. 


Some in-work things:



global map with story quest flags



quest menu screen


skills/perks shop